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Victory At Sea Theme - MP3 ... 441K

The Main Music from the "Victory At Sea" series
Allies On The March - MP3 ... 1.49M
Beneath The Southern Cross - MP3 ... 1.14M
D-Day - MP3 ... 1.68M
Danger Down Deep - MP3 ... 1.38M
Fire On The Water - MP3 ... 1.69M
Full Fathom Five - MP3 ... 2.04M
Guadalcanal March - MP3 ... 914K
Hardwork And Horseplay - MP3 ... 1.05M
The Magnetic North - MP3 ... 1.62M
Mare Nostrum - MP3 ... 1.28M
Mediterranean Mosaic - MP3 ... 1.66M
The Pacific Boils Over - MP3 ... 1.62M
Pelelui - MP3 ... 1.03M
Rings Around Rabaul - MP3 ... 1.75M
Ships That Pass - MP3 ... 1.39M
The Song Of The High Seas - MP3 ... 1.44M
The Sound Of Victory - MP3 ... 1.77M
Theme Of The Fast Carriers - MP3 ... 1.93M
Turkey Shoot - MP3 ... 1.50M
The Turning Point - MP3 ... 1.55M
Two If By Sea - MP3 ... 1.86M
Victory At Sea Suite - MP3 ... 1.76M
Voyage Into Fate - MP3 ... 1.081M

Special "Extra-long" Theme
Symphonic Scenario - MP3 ... 3.02M

MIDI from Robert C. Goodyear
Symphonic Scenario ... MIDI

MIDI's from Gary Wachtel
Victory At Sea Theme ... MIDI
Victory At Sea Suite ... MIDI
Original Record (LP) Cover
"black & white" image

Original Record "LP" Cover
(Volume 1)

Original Record "LP" Cover
(Volume 2)

Original Record "LP" Cover
(Volume 3)

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